Nichibukan Naginata Annual Seminar

15th Annual Seminar & 3rd Annual Yamauchi Memorial Tournament
Saturday, March 29 – Sunday, March 30, 2014

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Seminar Invitation and poster.
Online Pre-Registration Form - please pre-register so that we can get a rough estimate of who is coming, no payment required.
Seminar Form and Waiver Form - please print, fill out, and bring both forms with payment to the seminar.



Instructors & Shinpan-in

Kevin Saxton sensei (SCNF)
Andy Gibson sensei (RMNF)
Leslee Williams sensei (SANF)
Raymond Sosnowski sensei (ECNF)
Fran Vall sensei (ECNF)
Andrea Vyas sensei (SCNF)
Ellery Engalla, yondan
Patrick Magpayo, yondan
Gabriel Djinn, nidan (ECNF)


Saturday, March 29
9am – 5pm: Seminar & Test
Sunday, March 30
9am – 5pm: Taikai
A special Memorial Embu will be dedicated in John Prough’s honor.


For additional info, inquiries, email

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