Nichibukan Naginata Annual Seminar

16th Annual Seminar & 4th Annual Yamauchi Memorial Tournament
Saturday, March 28 – Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Seminar Invitation and poster.
Online Pre-Registration Form - please pre-register so that we can get a rough estimate of who is coming, no payment required.
Seminar Form and Waiver Form - please print, fill out, and bring both forms with payment to the seminar.


CERC (Community, Education & Recreation Center)
180 Ninth Street, Jersey City, NJ

Chief Instructor

Kevin Saxton sensei (SCNF)


Saturday, March 28
9am – 5pm: Seminar & Test
Sunday, March 29
9am – 5pm: Taikai
A special Memorial Embu will be dedicated in John Prough’s honor.


For additional info, inquiries, email

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